Geelong Cats Forever

About Cats Forever

Geelong Cats Forever was specifically established to recognise and thank supporters who choose to make a bequest to the Club as a part of their legacy. The Club provides an opportunity for us to say “Thank You”, and for you to going with others who share your passion and commitment.

You can share your genuine passion for the Cats and proudly leave a gift to the club in your Will, ensuring the Club remains strong and successful forever. Funds will be wisely invested, and only the investment returns will be used to support the club. We will always observe your wishes and guarantee confidentiality of the specific details of your bequest.

Membership in Geelong Cats Forever entitles you to a range of very special privileges. It’s the Club’s way of saying thank you and showing your appreciation.

What is a Bequest?

A bequest is an instruction in your Will to leave a gift (money, property or other asset) to a specific person, organisation or charity. We recommend that you seek legal advice when writing your Will, and discuss the instructions you are making in your Will with your relatives or loved ones.

Changing A Will?

Thankfully, making or revising a Will is neither difficult nor expensive. It is essential that you have a Will. Surprisingly, many do not. If you have already made your Will, you or your solicitor can easily add Geelong Football Club through a short legal amendment to your existing Will (also known as a codicil).

Types of Bequests

There are three main types of bequests:

  • A residue or a % of the residue of your estate, once other bequests have been made (residuary bequest)
  • A set amount of money (pecuniary bequest)
  • A specific asset, eg property, art works, shares (specific bequest)

For many donors, the residuary bequest is the most popular.

Next Steps

We would be most grateful, once you have confirmed your intent, to advise us of your decision. Naturally, at any time you can contact the Club to discuss your wishes please email to organise a confidential discussion.

A Message from Our Patron: Frank Costa AO

What an amazing journey we have had these past few years! It’s great to see the boys creating such a buzz for all our passionate and committed supporters like you and me. We’ve faced our challenges over the years, but no matter what this coming season brings, the foundations for sustained success are laid.

And that’s what we want. Because when you care about the Geelong Football Club you want Geelong to be “the greatest team of all” forever – for our children and grandchildren, and many generations to come.

I’ve learnt in sport and business that success comes when passionate and committed people work together as a team. This is something special we have here at Geelong – not just at the footy club, but right through all our supporters.

There is a way you can use YOUR passion and commitment to keep Geelong strong– join the Geelong Cats Forever. Geelong Cats Forever, enables passionate supporters like us to leave a bequest to the Club. Of course, you’ll take care of your family and loved ones first, and then you can think of your other family – the Geelong Cats.

Your bequest is securely invested and only the earnings are used to help the Club grow and stay strong and successful. Income from bequests supports the team and the development of our home ground in Kardinia Park. We must ensure that we continue to provide the best state-of-the-art training facilities for our boys, support our community and continue to meet the demands of today’s competitive game.

Because the Geelong Football Club will only use the earnings on your bequest, it means your bequest will benefit the Club FOREVER.

I think back to when my mum’s uncle started his first humble little fruit and vegie shop in Geelong nearly 120 years ago. He could never have imagined where we’d be now. In the same way, when you leave a bequest to the Geelong Football Club, you help build success for Geelong long into the future.

Geelong Cats Forever will acknowledge your support in several ways (of course it is up to you how much you want to be involved in programs and activities). Your name will be listed on an Honour Board at the Club. You’ll receive a lapel pin and a membership certificate as well as invitations to special events with current and past players. You’ll also receive updates so you can see the kind of work your bequest supports.

I’m very proud to invite you to be part of Geelong Cats Forever.

Go You Cats!

Frank Costa AO
Geelong Football Club
Geelong Cats Forever

Frank Costa Geelong Cats Forever Bequest