Geelong Cats Foundation – You have the opportunity to make a direct impact…

A strong Geelong Cats means a strong community, and the Mighty Cats are dedicated to Geelong. The Geelong Cats Foundation accepts donations to continue to provide essential programs to benefit our community, ensure our team remains super-competitive on-field and honour our great heritage. The Geelong Cats Foundation was established to provide the opportunity for generous donors such as yourself to help the Mighty Cats continue to deliver to our community and enhance the Club’s performance.


The Geelong Cats Foundation has four pillars:

Community – empowering young people to make good decisions about their health and well-being;

Football – helping our players to be the best they can be so that the Club creates and maintains a competitive advantage;

Heritage– preserving and honouring the Club’s rich history and tradition; and

Geelong Cats Forever – ensuring the Geelong Football Club remains a strong and successful club forever.

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